Every donation, whether large or small, contributes to the success of Arts Alive!

Financial Donations

Arts Alive! is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization. If you would like to join us in keeping the arts alive in our schools, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution!

Our program fees alone do not cover our operating expenses. Donations are used to help offset the expenses related to scholarships, sound and technical equipment as well as maintaining our storage facility.

Scholarship Program

To ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in our programs, Arts Alive! offers scholarships to qualifying families. Please feel free to contact us with questions about the application process.

“… (our son) has participated in Arts Alive! productions ever since they first became available to him at Sowams School. His theater experience has been an important part of his education. We are very thankful to live in a town that has such an outstanding youth theatre organization staffed by such talented and professional individuals.”

“… thank you for giving (our daughter) the opportunity to grow as an artist and person at camp. Without the scholarship there was no way she could attend. What a blessing!”

Donations in Kind

At this time we are kindly seeking select items. Please view our Wish List for our current needs.


We also welcome costume donations including:

  • Old costumes
  • Fancy dresses
  • White shirts
  • Black pants/leggings
  • Black dress shoes
  • Dance shoes
  • Wardrobe racks
  • Clothes hangers

Production Costs

Producing theatre is an expensive business; it is not, however, a lucrative one, which is why most Arts’ Institutions stay afloat through grants and benefactors.

Here’s what registration fees, box office proceeds and donations go towards:

  • Professional staff – Arts Alive! employs only professional, trained artists to give the children the highest quality of instruction. We hire professional technical staff, all of whom are paid to assure that they are giving the highest level of commitment to the program.
  • Play licensure – costs vary depending on the holder of the production rights as well as the popularity of the play and the playwright.
  • Script duplication for actors and professional, technical, design, and volunteer staff members.
  • Hundreds of costumes either purchased or custom-made; costume storage, dry cleaning, laundry, supplies and occasional shipping.
  • Sets (scenery), large set pieces, and props that are sourced or designed, built and painted.
  • Rental and maintenance of microphones, walkie talkies, and sound, lighting, and special effects equipment.
  • Contributing artists’ salaries and stipends (including directors, choreographers, rehearsal assistants, production managers, set designers, and technicians).
  • Program booklets, posters, and other advertising materials, per school play.
  • Additional rehearsal venue rental
  • Janitorial staff
  • Storage fees
  • Administration
  • Insurance