Henry Barnard School

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Policies for Henry Barnard School


All communications are through email from either Henry Barnard School or Arts Alive. 

It is imperitive that we have the correct email for you and any other caregivers for your child. Also, please ensure that you are able to receive emails from admin@artsalivebarrington.org.


The Arts Alive philosophy is to be all-inclusive. We believe kids are still discovering their abilities and should be encouraged to explore. For that reason, we do not CUT kids from the auditions. All kids are given a part and will be pushed to grow their own individual abilities,  but they need to understand not everyone is going to be cast in a lead part – it is just not possible.  Due to our numbers, our shows are largely ENSEMBLE. We appreciate you helping us to communicate to the kids that they are in this for the experience, NOT to be singled out as stars! Complaints about casting will not be responded to. We strive to teach the kids to make the most of what they get! ALL kids will have plenty to do.

Commitment to Quality

Arts Alive! is a 501(c)3 charitable organization committed to providing opportunities for youth to experience high quality performing arts programs that promote positive development. Arts Alive! enriches the community through partnerships with schools, parent teacher organizations, families, businesses, and community organizations.