In Honor of Our 10th Season…Top 10 Reasons to Give to Arts Alive!

10.)  It’s fun! OK, it’s obvious but if you ask your kids why you should donate money to Arts Alive! they’ll probably tell you it’s because they enjoy it…and if it weren’t fun, all the rest wouldn’t matter.  “Fun” isn’t trivial – it creates lifelong memories.

9.)  Communication Skills/Public Speaking. The process in theatre is as important as the product.  Each performer has the opportunity to grow and learn through the journey leading up to putting on a quality production.  The end product is wonderful, but what is really important is the skills the children learn along the way!  We not only celebrate that journey but we make sure that we provide opportunities to support continued growth through classes and workshops.  Communication skills are priceless! 

8.)  Problem-solving, real-time. Your friend forgot a line.  Or missed a cue.  The clock for the White Rabbit never made it onto the stage.  The Hun’s sword broke at the wrong moment.  There was a costume malfunction, or a silent mic.  In live theater you learn to improvise, and troubleshoot…preparing kids for life’s unexpected moments.

7.)  Where would Peter Pan be without the lost boys?  Or Annie without the orphans?  Arts Alive! emphasizes the importance of the ensemble.  The success of the show depends on every cast member!  This life lesson teaches “work ethic” and carries through to their adult life.

6.)  Challenging each performer. The moment your child sang a solo.  Or sang with an ensemble.  Or didn’t sing at all but stood and smiled with pride.  Knowing they pushed beyond their comfort zone and grew in confidence. We pride ourselves in developing each child individually – from where they are.  We truly believe there are NO small parts.

5.)  Feathers, sequins, fur, lace...the AMAZING costumeswhich transform your child into characters spanning countries, time periods, animal species, and imaginary lands. Costumes are adored by our young performers and create part of the memory!

4.)  Our internship program. Middle school and high school students learn to practice leadership with our younger performers, assisting directors, becoming camp counselors and learning backstage production and technical skills.  We are now seeing past students come back as staff!

3.)  Creativity in so many expressions. Dancing, singing, acting – our young performers shine on stage!  And we feel fortunate for the experienced professional staff who share their skills, and a community of artistic volunteers who design and paint our sets, build props, and sew costumes to showcase our children!

2.)  Scholarships. In the last 2 years alone, we’ve awarded 104scholarships to school and summer camp programs.  Arts Alive is an all-inclusive program which does not “cut” any child from the audition process, nor discriminate based on physical or financial ability.

1.)  We can’t do it without you. Fees cover only part of the cost of each production.  We pride ourselves in being the most affordable theatre program in our area, while giving the most extensive and professional experience. We need your help to keep the Arts Alive!

Thank you for your past support on this amazing 10-year journey!