VIRTUAL CLASS SERIES- Improvisational Dance Methods- All Ages

Date: 3-Week Series: Thursday June 4th, Thursday June 11th, Thursday June 18th

Time: 4:30-5:15

Cost: $29 (includes 3 classes)

Instructor: Casey Crider

Description: The art of creating movement with no planning. Understanding the music being given, feeling it, and creating movement on the spot to it. Join us for this 3-Week series!

Additional Information: Zoom Workshop. Registered Participants will receive a link to access these virtual classes.

Super-Intensive, Fun and Educational

Offered throughout the year as well as non-school days, including school in-service and conference days, holidays, and school vacations.

Our theatre workshops provide opportunities for students in elementary and secondary school to work on specific areas of Performing Arts, including stage acting, dance for musical theatre, and playwriting.

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