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Singing For Musical Theater: The Five Musical Theater Singing Styles- Weekly Classes: Grades 3-8

Dates: Monday, July 13th-Monday, August 10th (5 classes total)
Time: 4:00-6:00pm
Cost: $149/ chlild
Instructor: Michelle Lavin
Description: Explore the five singing styles of musical theater during this five session workshop. Each session will be dedicated to a different Musical Theater singing style focusing on the characteristics of each style and learning a song that represents that particular style. Emphasis will also be put on keeping your voice healthy under the demands of preparing for a show such as, warming up properly, keeping your instrument “in shape”, and what to do when when your voice gets tired. 

Session 1- Monday 7/13: Legit Musical Theater Style
Session 2- Monday 7/20: Traditional Musical Theater Belt
Session 3- Monday 7/27: Character Singing
Session 4- Monday 8/3: Contemporary Musical Theater
Session 5- Monday 8/10: Pop/Rock Style Musical Theater 

Additional Information: Zoom Workshop. Registered participants will receive a link to access weekly classes.

Acting the Song- Intensive Week: Grades 3-8

Dates: Monday, July 27th – Thursday, July 30th (4 classes total)
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
Cost: $125/ chlild
Instructor: Michelle Lavin
Description: How do you convey grief, fear, horror, love, pride, or anger on stage while singing? This workshop will take your song acting to another level! Participants will learn how to add expression and convey emotion to their audience while singing. Elements such as facial expression, body language, movement, and vocal tone color and inflection will be explored through emotionally contrasting musical theater pieces.

Session 1- Monday 7/27: Understanding Your Character and your character’s roll as it applies to the show. Are you a villain, hero, storyteller? What kind of emotional voice do they have? 
Session 2- Tuesday 7/28: Conveying emotion through facial expression without speaking or singing.
Session 3- Wednesday 7/29: Body Language and movement during your song.
Session 4- Thursday 7/30: Bringing it all together 
Additional Information: Zoom Workshop. Registered participants will receive a link to access daily classes.

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